Sunday, April 18, 2010

Healthy Wheat Bread

Not happy after looking in the mirror in the nude. I remembered someone saying we are what we eat. I stopped buying cottage cheese!!! Bought a treadmill and using it..........

And eating better..............made the Master Wheat Bread in a loaf pan but didn't slash the top like they said on page 62. Instead poked the top with a toothpick for a smooth top and no seeds. Also I used bread flour for the all purpose and added sugar and oil.


Here is the crumb and the slice measures 5 inches tall.

wheat crumb

In case you missed Cathy Warner The BBD#29 Round up on May 5. I did some baking in clay pots. I have a small chicken and it makes a small boule for two about 5 small slices. Just spray oil on the inside of the bottom and cover and preheat. When preheated just drop the dough in the bottom and cover and cook 30 minutes or 190-200 degrees. This chicken measures 4 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches.


I was busy getting ready for the road and on the road to Michigan when everyone made this in the HBin5 book. The dough I decided to make was from ABin5 page 134 olive oil dough with some changes where the water was 2 3/4 cups. I did 2 cups water and 3/4 cup mild pepper juice and added 10 pepper rings and a 6 oz can of drained olives. I diced up the peppers and olives and added to the dough for the first rise.


When the dough went in the chicken base I did add some flour and slashed the top of the dough before baking.


This dough makes wonderful pizza and didn't have time to take a picture. Just pigged out!!!

Makes great toast for eggs.

This clay pot that measures 12 x 8. It was made in W. Germany. I put my left over dough on parchment paper for toast in this pot.







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  1. Nice! Loaf the height your loaf got. Roemertopf, got one of those too. Have not baked bread in it yet but seeing your loafs I will have to give that a try too.

  2. Wow, FIVE inches tall! Gorgeous loaf. I love your little chicken- such a neat way to prepare the perfect loaf for two. I bought a clay baker in Germany too but I haven't used it for bread yet- I think you've inspired me to try it soon. :)

  3. That's a beautiful loaf and what a rise. I like that you substituted bread flour. I've been thinking about doing that myself with some of these breads.

  4. These look great! I've yet to try the clay pots and really look forward to them after seeing this and Kathy's! Wonderful job!

  5. beautiful bread your a pro Rebecca

  6. Loved the bread in the clay pot. It came out wonderful.

  7. Every one of your breads is beautiful! I have wondered also about using bread flour, but haven't tried it yet. I do wonder if it would give it more lift. Love your chickadee.

  8. I'm jealous of your clay pots! I am going to have to get me one or two. Your bread looked really nice.

  9. Beautiful loaves, terrific rise.

  10. love both loaves. and you got such a great rise!! Do you think it was because of the bread flour?