Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Windmill Makes Stone Ground Wheat Flour

Ever wonder how STONE GROUND FLOUR WAS/IS MADE by a windmill?

Windmill 1 st
Windmill 2
Windmill levels 2
Windmill explanation   1st
Windmill explanation 2nd
This is the bag they put the flour in to sell in the store.
Windmill Flour bag  4
This is a close up of the wood covered stones where the berries are ground.
Here are the stones without the wood.
Here are small stones to show you what the big stones looks like when put together to grind the flour.
Bags of wheat.
The windmill is huge as you can tell by the two people standing by it.
And of course there were dutch dancers by the windmill.
dutch dancers
Bread made with this flour and my milled white wheat and rye was from ABin5 page 58.
My small loaf for two of stone ground flour with added fresh ground rye flour and lots of seeds. In this small loaf size 4x6 is filled with 1 tablespoon each of seed ground in mini grinder for better flavor: flax, fennel, caraway and 1 tablespoon each of whole sunflower and walnuts!!!


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  1. Now that's cool! Stone ground flour from a windmill. Thanks for sharing. Your bread looks delicious!

  2. Even thought I lived in MI most of my life, I've never been to Holland. I think I am missing out!

    Love the idea of adding ground sunflower seeds...LOVE sunflower seeds!

  3. Who ever would have thought that Holland Michigan would be Dutch? I admit to having mill envy--theirs is definitely bigger than mine. Great looking bread, too.

  4. Wow...that would be so much more fun than grinding it by hand with my Country Living mill! The bread looks delicious!! LOVE sunflower seeds in bread. They do that a lot here in Germany.


  5. My daughter in law says the smell of fresh baked bread every am in the streets is heaven in Germany!!! Planning on going there next year!!!

  6. Great info. How nice to have that flour available. Great bread too.